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Apply for Funding

When you begin to plan a project for which you need funding, a key part of the process is putting together a Funding Proposal.

A funding proposal:

  • explains who you are
  • details your project
  • is a way of making sure that everyone involved with the project, including your committee/members has the same information
  • can be attached to funding application forms
  • is a key document when you approach potential sponsors
  • ensures that all of your applications are consistent because they use the same information

Once you have developed your proposal you will have most of the information needed to complete funding application forms or seek sponsorship.  In the long run, the effort put in at the beginning will save you time.


Funders are people too.  They are faced with weighing up your needs against the needs of hundreds of others and almost everyone is worthy.  Target your application to the funders who deal with your kind of purpose/need.  Tell your story and meet the funding agency's requirements as well as you can.  And persevere.  You believe in the importance of what you or your organisation is doing.  Convince the funders that your project is a worthwhile investment and that you will make the most of every dollar they grant you.  They want the best for the communities they work in, just like you.

Good luck!

Steps to Funding Success

  1. Pre-plan your funding needs at the beginning of the year, for the whole year and check out all possible sources of funding.

  2. Get copies of applications forms from your list of possible funders and start working on them as early as possible.  Some of what you need to do - for example - getting quotes - takes time.

  3. Prepare a funding proposal to define your project and to help you answer the funder's questions in your application.

  4. Ensure that you have answered every question fully - with the information they asked for.

  5. Check and double check that what you write in your application is accurate and easily understood.  Remember that the people who read this may not have any prior knowledge of your organisation.

  6. Make absolutely sure that documentation requested is attached - for example - financials, Certificate of Incorporation. Make sure your application is complete and not missing supporting material.

  7. Always meet the funder's deadline.

  8. Keep details - of the applications you have made.  This record will help when you are asked to identify the grants already applied for as part of other applications.

  9. Keep copies of all applications.  The information on them may be helpful for applications to other agencies.  Keep them at least until you hear if you were successful.

  10. Follow up with a thank you and details/photos of the completed project. You may be required to submit a project completion report.


    Applications for the Creative Communities Scheme and Creative Taupo grants are now open for the August 2018 funding round.

    Applications close on Friday, August 24 2018. Please note that late applications will not be considered.​

    Please Note: Applications can now be made via Taupo District Council's Creative Communities Scheme and Creative Taupo page. This page also includes information about application criteria for each grant. If you do not have a computer or need help with your application, you can visit the Council's customer service centre at Horomatangi Street or phone 07 376 0899.

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