Council invites Arts input on 10 Year Plan

Community Groups invitation for Council options debate presentation

We are about to start developing the 10-Year Plan for our district and we want you to give us a hand!  Our 10-Year Plan sets out the strategic direction for the district and outlines all the services, activities and projects we plan to deliver and how much it will cost. 

It takes many hands to shape the future and set our strategic direction so please take the time to have your say during our ‘options debate’.  This is an opportunity for the community to debate and provide feedback on some of the things the Council is considering putting into the draft plan.

The Council will consider the feedback it receives as part of the options debate and then will decide what it will include in the draft 10-Year Plan.  You will have another chance to have your say when the draft plan is released to the community in March next year but your feedback now will guide the direction the plan will take.

As part of the options debate we are offering to attend community groups’ meeting during September to explain how you can be involved in the development of the 10-Year Plan. If you want us to come to one of your community groups meetings please contact Juana Mercado on 07 376 0732 to arrange a date and time.

Council will be present at Taupo Art Connection's 17 September meeting for a brief korero. Download the pdf for more information.

Options_Debate_2014_FINAL__1_.pdf (Size: 0 B)

Posted: Thu 28 Aug 2014