Scholarships awarded to Taupo artists

Scholarships awarded to Taupo artists

Jacqui Goldsmith was awarded the Oriel Hoskin Scholarship towards the Advanced Diploma of Art and Creativity, a two-year part time course. She is keen to explore 3D work further particularly in sculpture and ceramics, as well as painting with encaustic process, an ancient technique using beeswax.

Marion Bright is returning to study to complete Years 2 of the Diploma of Art and Creativity she started a few years ago. Awarded the Frank Davis Scholarship, she is looking forward to developing her work in printmaking, mixed media and drawing. Marion will also continue contributing to the art community with her work on the Taupo Art Connection website and involvement with ACT4TAC.

Both agree that the self-directed distance learning is more than artistic development, the bonus is the accompanying personal and professional growth that takes you to another level towards working as a professional artist.

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Posted: Tue 23 Dec 2014