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Active Arts Taupo

Active Arts Taupo

Active Arts Taupo, formerly known as Taupo Society of Arts, is a non profit arts organization providing a creative space for people who want to express themselves through the arts and meet other like minded creative types. Various workshops and exhibitions are held each year and Active Arts encourage local artists to use the rooms to run their own workshops.

Active Arts Taupo is located at 5 Redoubt Street Taupo

Clubs under the Active Arts umbrella include: 
Tuesday Painters - Margaret Hart - 0274339611, dick.marg@hotmail.com
Creative Clay - DiDi Chapman - 021996014, 
Decorative Artists - Joyce Raynel - 073780776 , 
Felters - Trudi Karl - 0211624562, 
Knitters - Bridget Pearsall - 073786136,  
Spinners & Weavers - S. Rountree - 073771177

For more information on up coming events & workshops or if you would like to run your own workshop at Active Arts, please contact the room hire representative Margaret Hart at dick.marg@hotmail.com ph: 0274339611

Chairperson - Wendy O’Callaghan - 073788840
Secretary - Deanna Smith - 073780470, bluebeat1@hotmail.com
Treasurer - Frank Weeks - 307769947

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS 1965 - 2015!



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