Antoinette Beck

Antoinette Beck
Antoinette has worked as an Interior Designer for many years and recently opened Studio57 to combine her passion for art and design. Her purpose built studio/gallery at 57 Miro st provides a light filled space in which to both paint and exhibit.

Taking inspiration from the natural world as well as the built environment, she enjoys the juxtaposition of nature’s geometry alongside manmade construction.

Antoinette uses a combination of photorealism and imagery to capture the ‘everydayness’ of life, using vibrant colours she meticulously replicates common place objects and scenery.

Working in oils she enjoys painting on a variety of materials including canvas, ply boards and recycled native timber. Using mainly her own photographs as reference, her latest collection of work features small boats and water, often focusing on the much loved dinghy.

Contact Details:

w: (Instagram) antoinettebeck_studio57
p:  0274 785959
a: studio57 at 57 Miro Street, Taupo

Open for appointments by arrangement