Marion Bright

Marion Bright
My motivation is discovery through doing and where that might lead. For me the subject is less important; it is delighting in what emerges during the process and exploration of materials, textures, shapes and mark making that excites me.

Over recent years, I’ve been particularly drawn to mixed media, printmaking and gestural life drawing, though always keen to expand my experimentation.

I have studied a variety of media and techniques through various courses including achieving a Diploma in Art & Creativity. During which time, my art practice has become more sustained, adding up to growing bodies of work.

I am a member of Print Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ). My work has been exhibited in group exhibitions and a recent joint exhibition at Taupo Museum, Beyond the Surface with Jacquie Goldsmith. I teach workshops in gestural drawing.

Contact Details:

 p:  021 377 353
 a:  Grabb Studio, 3/31 Miro Street, Taupo
 i: @marionbrightartist