Sally-Ann Davies

Sally-Ann Davies
New Zealand’s natural environment fuels my passion for printmaking, whether it is inspiration from the land, sky or water. I gather my ideas through photography while out tramping, skiing, sailing or kayaking in the beautiful environment of Taupo and the Central Plateau.

At the moment I enjoy exploring the possibilities woodblock printing can provide, in particular the textures and patterns in nature. I am especially drawn to the movement of the natural elements, trying to capture the sense of rhythm and movement through wind and water.

I love carving an image into wood; when the image and materials work well together I feel a natural part of the printing process. Whenever I peel the paper off the plate I get excited to see what has happened. The further I experiment and research printmaking the more doors open to new opportunities.

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p: 027 686 9993
a: 4 Sunset Street, Taupo

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